1) What is this site?

This site is an Exchange system and here you can increase your site traffic and popularity.

2) What are coins?

Coins are what you receive for each activity you do on our site.

3) What can I do with coins?

You can use them to earn Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Google +1, YouTube Views and Traffic for your website.

4) How I can earn coins?

You will earn coins for every Like, Follow, View, +1 or visit from you, to our users.

5) Can I buy coins?

Yes, you can buy coins. Click on "Buy coins" on sidebar, for more info.

6) What is a frame break?

A framekiller (or framebuster/framebreaker) is a piece of JavaScript code that prevents a Web page from being displayed within a frame. These upset the natural order of surfing and are not permitted on our site. If a website attempts to break frame while you are surfing please use the report feature on the right hand side of the surfbar to notify us and we will inspect ASAP.

7) What is Malware?

Malware, short for malicious (or malevolent) software, is software used or created by attackers to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems. It can appear in the form of code, scripts, active content, and other software. 'Malware' is a general term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software. Malware serves no purpose on our site, as upsets the natural order of surfing and infects user's machines. It is not tolerated on our site, all sites are scanned for malware when submitted, and they are rescanned at random. If your antivirus software informs you that a site has given you an infection please report it immediately using the report site feature to the right of the surf bar and we will deal with it immediately. If the same user has multiple malware reports they will be banned.

8) What are pop-ups?

Pop-up ads or pop-ups are forms of online advertising on the World Wide Web intended to attract web traffic or capture email addresses. Pop-ups are generally new web browser windows to display advertisements. The pop-up window containing an advertisement is usually generated by JavaScript using cross-site scripting (XSS), sometimes with a secondary payload using Adobe Flash, but can also be generated by other vulnerabilities/security holes in browser security. Pop-ups are a nuisance on autosurf sites and there only purpose here is to steal from advertisers. If your website earns revenue from pop up ads please ensure that there are no pop-ups on the page you have submitted to autosurf. Imaging everybody tried to sneak in 1 pop-up by the end of the day there would be thousands open, don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to yourself! If you see a website generating a pop-up please report it using the report feature on the right hand side of the surf bar and we will look into it.

9) What is Sound?

This is a very simple one, YouTube videos should not auto play, we have the YouTube exchange for video views so we don't want to see them auto playing in the autosurf windows. The sudden outburst of audio that comes from an unexpected video playing in the back ground is disorientating. Websites should not have back ground audio that automatically plays, if the website is a live feed, from a cam-site or webtv, sound is permitted. However, volume should be controlled to as low as possible. If you experience a non-live site playing sound please report it using the report feature on the right hand side of the surf bar.

10) What is abusive?

Here at Autosurf-Australia we do NOT tolerate abusive material, under any circumstance. It does not matter if the page is only displayed for a second we do not give traffic to violators of this policy. Abusive content includes, hate speech, religious fundamentalism (e.g. any individual from any religion attacking anybody in any way), general verbal abuse, homophobia, racism, ageism, etc. More may be added to this term as time goes by so please keep up to date as to what is acceptable as we will make changes based on any new forms of abuse. Religious sites are permitted as long as they do not abuse the end user (please note: this includes the suggestion that living any other way other than theirs will lead any individual to harm).

11) What is inappropriate?

Basically any content that could not pass certification for an R18 certificate in the UK. This means we allow adult content but we do not allow it to contain any of the following:

Any images of minors (under 18) or young participants without adequate proof of age, even if not taking part in the scene. In one case an R18 was cut for sight of a photo of a person's children which came into view while they were having sex. In another, shots of children playing on a beach intercut with lawful adult sexual activity were cut. Eastern European pornography is usually not submitted to the BBFC due to their lower ages of consent for sexual images (14-16), but is available illegally from some shops (images of 16-17 year olds are considered "child" pornography in the UK as of 2003, even though they are over the age of consent of 16 in the UK).

Penetration with large or dangerous objects, or those associated with violence- scenes involving power drills attached to dildos, imitation firearms, ice cubes, spiked spheres, hammers, pool cues and many other items have been cut.

Urolagnia- simple urination is permitted but urination onto or into a person, licking or drinking the urine, or urinating while masturbating will be cut. Urination by a woman while she rubs her breasts and female ejaculation have previously been removed.

Expulsion of enemas onto a person, licking/drinking enema fluid, any sight of faeces or vomit, protracted focus on menstrual blood. Only one live action work has been cut for scenes involving menstruation, and several Japanese animations.

Use of illegal drugs during a sex scene.

Promotion of dangerous fetish activities.

Depiction of coprophagia, bloodplay, and fisting.

The acts include those deemed likely to contravene the Obscene Publications Act 1959. Depiction of urolagnia and fisting and various hard-core BDSM acts were deemed legal in January 2012 in R v Peacock; it is unclear as to whether the BBFC will revise its guidelines, but they announced that they are discussing what to do next.

If you see any sites that are violating these terms, please report them IMMEDIATLY using the report site feature on the right hand side of the surf bar.